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This site is dedicated to the creative and technical process in a film script, prior and during the elaboration for any written material in the scenic arts. In four sections you’ll be re-discovering essential topics needed to develop acceptable material in philosophical and commercial terms.
Please be sure to begin with the “Treatment” to remember some of the basic narrative structures and then it will be up to you to continue.



The Occult

Darkness or light? Going further into your premise will give you many understandings and therefore experience the catharsis through your characters. It is a pleasure for this workshop to share some of the fascination for the occult and mysterious topics on this site. Brief short-films in not official format but valuable for story tellers on the art of drama.


In this section you will find screenwriting books, screenplays of classic and contemporary movies and helpful tools for you to discover. So please be sure to download, share and comment.

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Spanish E-Book
“Reflexiones En Voz Alta”

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Writing for your marketing strategy E-books to develop your services or products in wider terms, is very helpful for the ones attempting optimization of content academically. In the ghostwriting art, copyrights are subject of prior-agreements, which, attempt to find a fair amount for both sides, business to business or business to client. For example: for academical purposes, our writer will be basing an entire film on this Essay written in Spanish, “Reflexiones En Voz Alta”, then the site will be in charge to design marketing strategy only based on the E-book, to promote the story. You can be an engineer or a lawyer, and at the end of the day, your expertise could represent a whole marketing strategy optimizing your concepts through the web design. So, this is just a part of the entire organic content strategy.


Translations Content Development Screenwriting

SWG Ghostwriting is pleased to develop the best content organic strategy for your products or services online, going from transmedia writing of platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube, which are the basic ones for your products,and the plus of developing HTML and CSS code for your portfolio, along with films and more digital writing industry. A very helpful option for any business online, so, just contact us for more information about our services